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"Exceptional Crust...Truly Great Pizza" - Westword, "Impressive List of Top Quality Ingredients" - RMN, "Authentic East Coast Style Pie" - Tom from Jersey

Yahoo! User Reviews (4/5 Stars)...

"Man is that good Pizza! I've been eating it for more than 2 years now, and the Pie is consistently Denver's best thin crust. The staff has changed since the last negative review, and seems to have gotten very professional and way friendly, a hip fun place. Try the Pomodoro, or just pepperoni you can't go wrong!" (09/06/08)

"We eat at enzo's like once a week and we love it. The guys that work there are super cool and always know my name when I go in. I like that! The place is kind-a funkie but clean and if your ever in the mood to hang out at a low key bar stop by ps bar and order a pizza from enzo's.They bring it right to your table!" (12/27/07)

"All-around delicious pizza. Traditional thin crust. Enjoy it there or even next door in PS Lounge..." (05/18/06)

CitySearch Reviews (4.5/5 Stars)...

"Denver's best thin crust. If you like east coast style or Italian pies check this place out. The salads are awesome, and the staff is young and hip. (I've never had the attitude problem noted previously and I've been eating there for a year or two now. As a matter of fact, the staff seems to try harder than most "just pizza" places I know of, i.e. they seem to know their customers by name and preferred pizza toppings, even how they like to pay, cash or credit. ) My favorite is the pomodoro, and the sausage is super!" (09/05/08)

Denver Post Reviews & Comments (4/4 Stars)...

"insanely great pie... I was eating at Parisi one day and overheard two employees talking about meeting their girlfriends at the P S lounge and eating Enzo's Pomodoro pizza, I had to try it since the food is soo great at Parisi. Well I only eat there once in a while now, because Enzo's gets all of my business. I send east coast clients there and have even picked up pies and dropped them off to hotels to my "right-coasters". The staff is great, and will go the extra distance to make sure that you are happy. For a little extra tip they deliver downtown if not too busy." (08/06/08)

Yelp Reviews (4/5 Stars)...

"Enzo's brings me pizza to my house. Pizza covered in white sauce and topped with meatballs and jalapenos. Pizza ordered from and brought by some of the nicest guys in the pizza world here in Denver. Pizza accompanied by garden salads. I think I'm in love." (11/11/08)

"My god do I love this pizza - the sauce is incredibly flavorful, the ingredients top-notch, the crust perfect, and the top consistently caramelized to a perfect slight-burn that coaxes out a ridiculously-savory flavor. So far I've only ordered (and fawned over) a combo of sausage-pepperoni-onion, but after reading some the other reviews here I'm excited to try the End and other combos. The staff seems pretty cool too, and it's attachment to the PS Lounge (another fav) certainly doesn't hurt." (11/10/08)

"Yeah, delivery is good, but the Enzo's fellas are so nice, and amazingly cool considering the brisk business, that eating there is quite pleasant in spite of the lackluster surroundings. Order your booze/beer at PS Lounge, connected Enzo's via a convenient hole in the wall (what could be more apropros?), and sit down to the best darn veggie chef salad you could hope for. The thin crust pizza is quite delicious, as well. I recommend the Spinacchi for veggies, and the End for omnivores. Just invoke Charlie's guarantee if you're not completely satisfied... " (10/08/08)

"Now, one may notice that my address is in Brighton (counting the days until that changes), however, I am writing a review about a pizza joint on the Fax... There is a reason for that: Enzo's is THE absolute bomb... The pies are out of this world, the staff are always cool as can be, and they will even deliver over to your stool at the P.S. Am I dead and in fat dude heaven or what?" (10/02/08)

"I'm very snobby about all types of pizza being from Chicago, and still hadn't found anything amazing in Denver yet. Not until I recently moved into the new hood and had Enzo's as my first meal! WOW! Everything about this pizza was delicious. The sauce, the cheese, everything. I even ate the crust which is something I NEVER do. I'm going to get so fat living over here." (07/21/08)

"Enzo's makes the best pizza in Denver! The crust is crisp and flavorful, and the sauce has just the right amount of zip to it. The staff is extremely friendly, and being connected to PS Lounge is a major plus. Writing this review is making me wish I had a slice right now... they also make a really good vegetarian chef salad." (03/24/08)

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"If you want the best thin crust you will ever eat, go to Enzo's End Pizza right now!" (Insider Pages)
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